Friday, 13 February 2015

13022015 Company's Chinese New Year Dinner

The Company's having it's annual Chinese New Year (CNY) Dinner, and most of us are attending it tonight (some of us have to go back hometown, so had no choice but to miss this corporate event).

This is me wishing everyone a HAPPY CNY!
May the force be with you!

This is my actual outfit for the night =P
(the earlier was borrowed from my buddy WJ)

We're not familiar with the place, so we needed Waze to guide us

2015 - Goat Year!

Oh my goat!
(I hear this on TV and Radio, it's even getting a little boring already)

The 3 Musketeers!

The Society =P
From top-left: JX, KY, GS, EL, LF, KX, LS, LM
From bottom-left: Ah Gong, Ah Pek Lao Da

I'm using abbreviations to conceal their identities, lol

I'm hungry but first let me take a selfie!
Yee Sang is being prepared

May our goats bring us luck!
Let them "eat" first

Don't know what this is called.
But after this, we just continued to eat without taking further pictures of the food.
I put my selfie stick to good use!
From left (clockwise): Stephen, Von, Jess, Siew Keng, Wan Pin, Sen Yee, Elaine (She noticed me!), Kate, Sui Peng, Kwang Chin and lastly me.

From far left (clockwise): Wern Jiang, Li Meng, Ke Xin, Lee Sing, William, Gan Seng, Jun Xian, Khuan Yew, Elaine, Lee Fun and Durai (exclude me)
Oh no, the members of the Society are now exposed!

Why is my selfie stick as a weird angle? That's 'cause it's broken =(
From far left (clockwise): Wee Lian, Kenny, Jimmy, Pauline, Chee Yung, See Ling, Andy, Tommy, and Fee Lan
(excluding me)

We had plenty of lucky draws - of vouchers and big items.
the #1 prize was iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
the person who won this was no other than Stephen who so happened to be holding No. 1

While the atmosphere was great, the food was far from good. The service was too slow and the place was a little warm to hold a crowd of a little more than 100. What's more disappointing was what we took home with us - our 'letters of appreciation'. They were not of our expectations at all, and certainly most of us believe that it does not reflect our efforts and commitment. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the location nor the company's name for personal reasons. But life goes on, and so shall we. Without tuning the flame down too much, have a happy CNY folks!

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