Wednesday, 18 February 2015

18022015 CNY Eve Dinner with ex-Neighbors

My family and I are very grateful to have my our previous neighbors. They're very successful and have moved on to living in bigger houses, however they still remember us and almost every year, they would still invite us for dinner with them during CNY.

Behold, the view of Putrajaya Lakeview!

The panoramic view from my ex-neighbours apartment in Putrajaya

The interior of almost 1500sqft apartment with a view of Putrajaya Lakeview

My pretty momma

I like these doors

Another shot of mum

Mum & Aunt Jenny

Another shot of Aunty Jenny & Mum

The view is captivating!

The corridor view

Me, sis & mum

The ceiling decor

Aunt Jenny with us

Yee Sang

Honestly, the food wasn't great, but it was very filling =) I can't remember the name of this restaurant, but I know it's somewhere in Putrajaya, and it's certainly very expensive as it's in a private club resort and spa. It's definitely not a place that I would come again as I can't afford it. A very good experience we had, all thanks to my ex-neighbors =)

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