Friday, 27 February 2015

27022015 Back To Work

It's less than 24 hours and I'm already back to office, thankfully it's a Friday #TGIF. Things hadn't changed much, but work has piled up much for me. The first task I had this morning was to attend a progress-update meeting in which I have no idea what's going on, 'cause I was away for the past 4 days of the week. I still miss my Indonesia trip =( Why did time passed so fast! Only felt like yesterday that I was packing up for my trip.

Hello from my office!
My most important thing to do at work, was not the meetings, documents nor the emails. It was lunch! "What to eat for lunch?" and "Where to go for lunch?" These are the toughest work to do!

But alas, my team had agreed to go to Sopoong, in QCM for lunch! It's the only Korean food restaurant nearest to us which has a decent taste and good portioning for its price.

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LG, Quill City Mall

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