Sunday, 8 February 2015

08022015 Adventures! Includes Desserts at Jipangi, Sunway and The Bulb Coffee, Damansara Jaya & Dinner at Hayaki, Damansara Uptown

It's another beautiful Sunday! It's so rare of me to have nothing on my list of things to do. So, I sorta pulled my friend's to-do list instead.

I'm loving this new shades that I bought a couple of months back,
finally starting to use it!

Went to a few places today:

1. Mid Valley (again, I know) to change some currencies for my friends - you know what, Min told me of Money Master, of which I find pretty reliable as a reference to the currency exchange. Since I was helping her and a few friends of mine to exchange currencies, I was sorta monitoring the exchange rate pretty frequently - something I'd never do before. Still I'm fascinated by the fact that many people are so hyped up about the currency exchange that there's a long queue already early in the morning - many people are travelling around it seems. It's not the first time I see such a queue.

2. Sunway Pyramid (just before lunch hours) to pick up some items for my friends - mainly the Dried Meat. There's always the parking issue in Sunway area, I guess it's due the increasing density of people staying in the areas, especially students. After I picked up my friends' items, I made a quick pit stop at Jipangi.

It's still quite early, so there's no queue
Good for me, yes!

I ordered the Chocolate Banana mix

the close up shot
I honestly prefer the Banana flavor as compared to the Chocolate.
However, I find the ratio to be imbalance.
Instead of 50:50 Choco-Banana, I got 80:20
(but it's filled up entirely so thumbs up for that!)
Perhaps I should specify the ratio next time

Jipangi Ice Cream doesn't come cheap (it's about the price of Milkcow's yogurt). RM7 for single flavor and RM9 for mixed (probably this explains why I received a 80:20 portion? I should say Banana-Choco perhaps?). Well, that being said, most ice cream parlors are pricing their menus at about this rate nowadays, as they claim it's premium ice cream / flavors. In my opinion, it's good for first-time experience though, however, if you're an Ice Cream lover, you'd better off be spending your money on others.

LG2.75A (near Aeon), Sunway Pyramid

3. Sungai Kayu Ara area, to check up on the venue for our upcoming Badminton session starting early March. I've never been to this place before, and the reason why I chose this was because of its rates. I booked this via, so feel free to check it out yourself =)

Lot 997 Jln Dahlia,
Kg Sg Kayu Ara, PJU 6a,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

4. Damansara Jaya (for high tea) just to chill out with my buddies. KC wanted to return my spare tyre which I had loan him a few days back because his wheels were stolen - a strong reminder, to be very careful where you park in PJ area, as there are many cases of tyre thefts in the vicinity. So, we hanged out at the Bulb Coffee cafe.

If you double-parked 'cause you had to be at this cafe,
there's something you can put in your car!
Insurance Agents get 10% discount! How cool is that?

They do have workshops from time to time!

Cozy interior, ain't it? 

75, Jalan SS 22/19,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7497 0759

I simply love the Kek Belang Harimau (also known as Kuih Batik)! For RM4 per serving, there's nothing quite like it! I don't like food that are too sweet so this is just perfect! Instead of using Milo as most modern recipes do, they use espresso so it adds up to the taste, yums!

Perhaps I came at the time that was pretty quiet, but because of that it was also perfect for my friends and I to have our chat. We need not be loud and it wasn't stuffy (air conditioning was just right~). It was comfortable and there were enough lighting as well.

5. Damansara Uptown (DU) for dinner. High tea was just a slice of cake and a glass of juice, so naturally it wasn't enough to last until the next day. As KC and his gf were heading to Tropicana to do some shopping, I asked Min if she'd like to grab dinner before heading home. I wanted to try out Hayaki as it was always popping up in my list of places to try in DU. Even read the review at my friend's blog, before.

Taste wise - the food's alright, I wouldn't say it's something I'd drive long distance to get a bite. It meets the requirement, but at bare minimum. Probably only for the menu I ordered, as they're pretty famous for Kelantanese cuisine. I couldn't take spicy so I didn't order them Kelantanese food. Min tried out the Nasi Lemak and even though she can take spicy food, it was way too much for her. She was sniffing already halfway through her meal.

Service wise - man, the waitress there was not glad to be serving people, that much I could say. She had the longest face while serving us and I felt rather unpleasant whenever I had to call for assistance.

Environment wise - good thing is that it runs 24 hours, so if you're ever hungry in the middle of the night / morning, and you're tired of Mamak or fast food chains, this is the place to go. I haven't tried out the other menus, but if I'm nearby at odd hours of the day, I'd be willing to give this place a try.

Price wise - it's reasonable enough, probably slightly cheaper than that of Old Town's and Pappa Rich, if you're familiar with their pricing. Not bad at all for a 24 hours restaurant.

Hayaki Damansara Uptown
No.1, Jalan SS21/37,
Uptown Damansara Utama,
4700 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7732 9912

6. Mutiara Damansara, to get supper, the final bit for the day! I'm not usually a fan of supper, but off late, due to my working hours, I tend to have this extra appetite that I must fulfill (otherwise, I'll have this terrible feeling). I know it's not healthy and I'm working on it, so meanwhile I must do what I must to ease the 'savage beast'. LOL =D Also, I wanted to get curry puffs for my family. So, where did I go to get some of the best curry puffs around? IKEA!

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

Now, you must be wondering why on earth it is a picture of chicken wings instead of curry puffs. Honestly, I'm rather embarrassed as I totally forgotten to take the picture of it. And I nearly forgotten to take a picture of the wings too (you can see by the number of bones showing when the picture was taken). But, fret not, as Google is a few click away from showing you how they look like (I'm assuming whoever you are, you'd be savvy enough to find out how the curry puffs look like in Google Images. Click here if you're not.)

And, so that ends my adventure for the day! Gotta go, tomorrow's work day again!

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