Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Post From My Phone

I'm supposed to be asleep by now but don't know why I'm awake. Suddenly, I had a mental awaken or something and I'm at the moment whereby I can learn and absorb almost any material I come across.

I had just finished watching a video on. YouTube about presentations, how to skillful communicator, and what's makes a leader a leader. I had time to catch up on some NBA highlights and technology updates from all around. Also, I came across some fascinating videos that are very inspiring and amusing!

And that all brought me to re-download this Blogger mobile app and try it again. It doesn't have all the features as what I require when using the desktop version. But I guess it comes in handy at times like this.

I'm wide awake and I still don't know why. However, I've learned aplenty tonight and I shall try to get some sleep. Yikes, it's 3:33am and I've got work at 9am! Hope I'll be alright!

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