Sunday, 11 January 2015

11012015 Cleaning Up My Room

Once in a while we have to clean our room, for many reasons I guess. In my case, would be because I do not clean it as often as I should. So, I figured since I have the spare time to do so, why not =)

Guess what I found?

My old Nokia N97 mini !
still in working condition; the screen protector's worn out,
but the phone's still 100% functional.

Anyone's interested? =)

My old N95! It works better than it looks! haha

Anyone interested?

Whistle, badges and buttons...
brings back the memories of when I was a Cadet back in highschool...

My highschool tie

Ha! I bet many guys (and girls too) can relate to this! =)
I don't know if it's still working; need to change the battery!

My old jeans jacket! Believe it or not, I've never worn this before.
Only because I can't fit into this (it's way bigger than me)

Anyone interested?

ROMP jeans! I never worn this too, for the same reason as the jeans jacket.

Anyone interested?

Alright, so this BEFORE I cleaned my table.

This is AFTER I cleaned my table!


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