Sunday, 4 January 2015

Rediscovering Myself

Years passed by, and I'm back to square-one - yet to know who I really am, and what I'm really capable of. I've missed many good opportunities as I was very unsure if those were really what I want.

I used to have a clear mind and definite set of goals. With that, I was able to help and advise my friends and friends yet to be, on what to do and how to achieve it. However, a few incidents over the recent years, let me astray from those plans. I'm not gonna bore with you them stories. It's about time for me to let them bypass me, and instead of using them as an excuse to be miserable, I shall make them a reason to get back up and move on.

So, I'm gonna take the whole of 2015 to rediscover myself. What I really want, who I really am, where I want to be, what's my purpose, and a whole lot more of questions to answer. I bet there's at least some people in the same situation as well. Perhaps I can meet them and learn more from them.

Meanwhile, I'll make sure that I keep track of what I come across in this blog :)

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