Sunday, 18 January 2015

18012015 Pandas at Publika

Since many of my friends were at Publika snapping pictures of pandas, I decided to check it out myself.

What is this whole "1600 Pandas" about?1600 Pandas hope to spread and strengthen the awareness of environment conservation to everyone especially the young generation, not just taking photos with the Pandas. There are many creative and talented people around us, let’s initiate the culture of creative conservation together. (1600PandasMY)

I had to check it out myself to satisfy my intellectual curiosity (wow, I like how that sounds like).

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

There's a huge crowd surrounding the pandas!

Huge crowd surrounding the pandas!

I asked around the event crews and there were more than 300 people queuing up to take pictures together with the pandas in the inner zone! Holy moly! I couldn't get too close to the pandas, and I couldn't wait long for it. So, I decided to move on. The pandas were nice and cute, but they're not that cute that I'd wait for my turn - 300 people or more.. you do the math.

Top view of the pandas

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