Sunday, 4 January 2015

04012015 Neighbor's Baby's Fullmoon Lunch

It's definitely a blissful start of 2015, within the week there's already 2 weddings (CheeYung & Pauline's; and Christine & CheeHan's) and today I just came back from my ex-neighbor's baby's fullmoon lunch. They used to rent and stay next door to mine, but after a year, they made a breakthrough in their careers and got themselves a bigger house in the next garden. Guess what, this is the second neighbor with the exact same 'luck' (no, it's not pure luck, hence the quotes). Wondering when's my breakthrough too.

Lunch at my ex-neighbour's place - buffet style

Red bean dessert

the RED egg!
Gotta have one for good luck!

This little one is the limelight of the day.
She is SO CUTE!

Her legs are so warm and soft..
Ahhh, don't you just wish you had soft skin like babies?

my mum and the baby.
I think Chinese babies usually have a flatter nose bridge.
mum says that pinching the nose bridge area helps to grow that part better.

the baby is more comfortable in her real mummy's arms :)

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