Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Colleagues Are Some of the Funniest People Around

It's been a year and some weeks since I started with the company, and I've found myself a bunch of friends among them. We chat a lot and laughed a lot. We even cried, but only tears of laughter, haha =D

Here's a good reason why they're funny. Of the many chats we had, I "extracted" one part that I think can depict how funny the are. Disclaimer: the below conversation is not the exact conversation and this author is not responsible should the readers find it not funny.

A: Eh, badminton this thursday!
B: I don't know how to play badminton
C: Nobody is born to know how to play sports
D: Play basketball la!
E: I also don't know how to play ball
A: Very easy only, just go there and you'll learn how to play after that
C: Everything also need to learn ma
D: Easy la, I teach you basketball
B: I don't know how to play la.. don't want la..
A: I show you how to play, let me find picture for you! Guys and girls also can play wan!

the guy version of basketball

the girl version of basketball
I burst in laughter!

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