Thursday, 29 January 2015

Badminton on Thursdays'

Nothing's as refreshing as good workouts, especially a long day at work. I'm out of shape; so I'm on track to getting back in shape. Why Thursdays? I have no idea, but it seems that everyone prefers Thursday. My theory on this is that Wedneday's movie night for most people, because of the movie ticket price, and Friday's boyfriend-girlfriend night (or go-home-early-to-rest-more-night). What's to support this theory of mine? Nothing much, except that my colleagues and friends seem to say the same thing, and Thursday's usually fully booked.

Currently, my team and I play at Michael's Badminton Academy (MBA) in Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya (another Taman Megah? I know right? Cheras itself has a Taman Megah, shouldn't there be a law on duplicate road names?). Whilst it's not the cheapest of courts around, it is by far the most convenient one for my colleagues and I. With the most recent upgrade on its court, the rate is going at RM26 (parquet floor) and RM31 (rubber court) per hour per court. So, if you don't have the numbers on the court playing with you, it will be quite hefty in price.

My panoramic view of the courts, I'm digging this panoramic-shoot =D
Left side people: Min & Shi Hao
Middle people: William & Kelvin
Right side people: Durai and Khuan Yew (hidden behind Durai)

We have a few seasoned players on our team.
They're not exactly pros, but they're way better than a few of us combined.

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