Sunday, 25 January 2015

Lunch & Dinner at Sakura Kristal, Quill City Mall

My visit to Sakura Kristal was an epic 3 day journey! Went there with colleagues, and I somehow created a sudden craze to come back to this place! Poor colleagues of mine had to visit the same restaurant 3 days in a row! =P

Biggest factor of my coming-back: 50% on all signature dishes, until 31st January 2015! We some of the most expensive signature dishes they have!

Taste wise - Good food! My colleagues and I manage to taste a number of their signature dishes, and we're all satisfied with them! There's enough taste in the curry, it's not too salty in the steak, and it's got good portion!

Service wise - slow, but tolerable. We came in at peak time - lunch and dinner time, and especially with their promotion going on, it's no surprise why so many office workers are here! However, I believe they should have foreseen this coming and be up to speed when taking orders, cleaning up and serving our food. We had to wait 30 minutes or more for a signature dish to come, during lunch! Pfft!

Price wise - worth the money (based on the 50%), I'd say. Even with their upcoming lunch sets in February, we've done some calculation, it's still worth it. I've compare the price against Tappers, Kluang Kopitiam, Sopoong and Sushi King. Sang Har Noodles, normally priced at RM26, is only RM13 after discount - the portion is big, with 3 half big prawns. Worth visiting? You be the judge of it.

Environment wise - it's cozy and clean. I think it's because it's new. And I hope they keep it up for as long as they're open. It's quite comfortable and it's not too noisy. They have varieties of seating arrangement - good enough to fit 2 pax up to 12 pax (or maybe more). They've got a pretty good concept.

1st day - Dinner

Nope, couldn't get the Sang Har Noodles. So went with fish dish instead.

2nd day - Lunch

Still couldn't get the Sang Har Noodles. Went with the chicken dish instead.

3rd Day - Lunch

Finally! I pre-booked my Sang Har Noodles from the day before!
A man with determination to gets his meal, will definitely get it!

Yes, it is worth it!

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