Monday, 12 January 2015

12012015 Late Dinner with Colleagues at Wawan Cafe

Overtime (OT) is not a question in my field of work, especially when there are system-bug fixes to verified and delivered to customers. I won't want to bore you with the details of my work nor how it is done. Keep it short, we have to work OT every now and then. Tonight due to immense work, we nearly forgotten our dinner.

It was about 9PM before my colleagues and I figured out that we were hungry. So, we thought hard and long about what we wanted to eat before a suggestion came up to dine at Quill City Mall. Going there wasn't an issue to us; WHAT to eat there is the big question, especially at this time.

We went there and walked around looking a shop that's not already closing, and we stumbled upon Wawan Cafe. The menu's not too bad, especially the set that's priced starting from RM8.90! Affordable, eh?

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As soon as food came, we were all chowing down our food =P

Honestly, the food is priced reasonably but the taste is another matter to question. The food we ordered were pretty dry, and almost tasteless. Perhaps it's due to the shop almost closing? I don't know but we were lucky that we could still order the set (although according to the menu, they actually stop the set ordering at 9PM). However, we weren't too satisfied with the taste. Almost to say, we'll not return to this place even though it's affordable.

Lowerground of Quill City Mall

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