Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kexin's Post Birthday

My colleague, Kexin is a very quiet person. If no one posted about her birthday, none of us, including myself will know about it. Gotta thank her boyfriend for spilling the beans in FB. Since we were pretty unprepared for the occasion, the only thing we could do is treat her lunch. My assistant manager offered to buy her a piece of cake instead.

This is my team. Not everyone's here though.

I started a tradition last December at Von's birthday. At any birthday, be it a simple meal or a big celebration, if I'm in it, there's no way anyone will run away from it. It's a facial accessory, can you guess it? =P

She looks great doesn't she?

Kexin: "Wah beh tahan ah this glasses!
(translation: wah, I can't stand this glasses!)
I look horrible!"

Wern Jiang: Ya I think so too..

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