Saturday, 10 January 2015

09012015 Friday Shenanigan at Gary's!

I went over to Gary's place after work for a reunion with friends, and also a farewell dinner for Sandra. The night was filled with mixed feelings - gratitude, happiness, and a little pinch of sadness. Sandra's only back for a short while, and she's already going off to down-under for a long period of time (might even be longer if her contract is extended) =/

We reunite with friends whom we haven't met in years. We made new friends. We ate, we chat, we laughed and we teared (tears of laughter =P). The night was fantastic!

Requested by Sandra! They're superlicious!
To go along with this chili sauce!
It's da bomb! I was fuming inside (>.<")
(i don't eat spicy food)

We had pizzas!

Lots of pizzas!
Evo is showing off his HTC One's wide angle front camera-lens.
From: left: Evo, Selena, Sandra, Joshua, Heidi, Joyce, Gary, Bryan and Me

Group picture we took! Gary has nice blue walls!
Probably used it for passport picture taking =P
From left: Selena, Evo, Joshua (bottom), Joyce (top), Bryan,
Sandra (holding Heidi's head), Heidi (in shocked), Me (wanting to eat Gary's head),
and Gary (not knowing his head will be eaten)

Some friends had to go and some came by a little later.
From left: Selena, Eugene, Joy, Bryan, Sandra, Heidi, Me and Ruth
Bottom: Evo (spooning there), Gary

Another wefie!
From Left: Selena, Eugene, Joy, Bran, Sandra, Heidi, Me (still wanting to eat Gary's head), Ruth
Bottom: Evo (loving the spooning), Gary (time to spoon too)

This is one of my favorite wefies of the night!
If you rotate the image 90 degrees to the left, you'll find a different angle in this wefie


Lift wefie!

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