Thursday, 8 January 2015

08012015 Dinner with Von at Restaurant Soong Kee KL

Occasionally when I'm working overtime on a given workday, I'd wish to have something nice to eat and a good companion for dinner. Today's the day =) as I managed to get hold of my previous teammate, Yvonne, or Von (we're colleagues, but of different teams now).

We're close friends and colleagues. How long have I known her? Only when I started my career with this current company. Says much about it eh? ;)

So, we decided to go to my favorite Beef Ball Noodles restaurant, Soong Kee down in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee. You'll find plenty of review about it on the internet. That's how I got to know it too! I even used GPS and walk to the exact coordinates! That lunch story is known in my former team.

Beef Ball Noodles
the taste and texture, simply love them! :)
RM7 for large size

KL Address:
86, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

They opened a new branch in PJ
Jalan SS2/66 (near Cafe Big Mouth SS2)

Once again, after dinner, I had to go back to office to continue my work. According to Von, she says I smile ever-so-often when I text a certain someone. In my defense, I smile every time there's an incoming or outgoing funny chat (No, I'm not crazy). It's just that I do not have a poker face to hide that I'm actually finding the chat funny. I told her that whenever we text, I simply smile because I enjoy the text-based conversation.

this is how I look while texting
I can't help it if it's funny.
I worked till late, and by the time I was packing up, I realized that it was past 11PM. At that time, there was only another colleague with me, and guess what, the parking bay's gate was closed down! Thankfully, I could call the security office and managed to get us out of there (else, I think we'd be spending the night there)

gates are shut!

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