Wednesday, 7 January 2015

07012015 Dinner with Newly Wedded Chee Yung & Pauline at Sopoong, Quill City Mall

It's less than a week since their wedding, I'm already seeing Chee Yung & Pauline at work (yes, they're my colleagues and my seniors too). We all work in KL, but at different parts of town. However, there's a new mall that was recently opened, Quill City Mall, and it's pretty darn close by my work place.

So, the couple decided to catch a movie at the mall and I joined them for dinner. Was I the lightbulb? I sure am! (In case if you're wondering what lightbulb means, it's taken (translated) directly from Cantonese word, which actually means 3rd Party Person). If not because of work which I had to attend immediately after dinner, I would have gladly joined them for a movie too #behpaiseh

We dined at the Korean restaurant, Soopong. It's busier during lunch time, but a little more subtle during dinner. We were glad because of the environment, we were able to catch up, chat and laughed. The service was good too =)

Udon & 1/2 Gimbap
It's pretty decent, and due to the way it is served, it remained very warm for a long time ;)
(I can't take spicy food, so this was the only menu that I could order =/ )
Check out their FB page as it's updated regularly

taken directly from their page.

After dinner, I went back to my office and continued my work. Some of my colleagues are still at the office when I got back. Whilst waiting for some computer operation to complete, I took the chance to change my phone's screen protector. Had to sacrifice my existing one, to put on a new one - I'm using tempered glass type screen protector.

Hulk smash!
Taken from my Instagram

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