Saturday, 3 January 2015

03012015 Christine & Chee Han's Wedding

The second wedding I attended in the first week of the new year. Talk about having a blast! This was a rather special wedding; only because it is Christine who was my secondary school junior and a personal friend of my family's. I don't know how we got to know, but during school she looked up to me as an elder brother and a role model - gave me one of the 'moral boosters' in life. I shifted school halfway through my secondary school days, but we kept in touch and occasionally meet up for a good catch up. She's one of the most innocent and sweetest girl whom I've ever met. Hence, to be at her wedding, not only was it an honor for my family and I, it was also very meaningful to me. Plus, I've always wanted to meet her Mr. Right :)

The holy matrimony of the couple was help at Ampang Chinese Methodist Church

Christine and Chee Han exchanged their vows and marriage rings
*tears of joy~

They both gave their appreciation speech

Chee Han & Christine walked down the aisle
Somehow, Chee Han reminds me of Clark Ken aka Supeman
Christine's got herself her very own Superman ;)

Too bad my sis isn't in the picture.
See the resemblance of Chee Han to Clark Ken??

The Grand Ballroom in Hotel Flamingo

Le Wedding Cake

It is at times like this that I wished I still had my DSLR.
*miss those times*

Me & Kim Yen
Haven't seen her in years, and what a beauty has she turned out to be :)
*FYI, she's taken

Me & Daniel
One of the top student in the my secondary school!
Who is the other? His twin brother, David (who at the moment couldn't make it because he was on duty)
Both brothers are doctors, yo!

Fellow secondary schoolmate juniors.
I can only remember a handful of them.
but hey it's still a reunion, well sorta!

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