Friday, 2 January 2015

01012015 Chee Yung's & Pauline's Wedding

You should have seen their faces, the biggest, brightest smile anyone has ever seen of these two :)
They are such a lovely and fun couple.

The 'Jimuis'

That's me, Min, Von, and Jess
If you're wondering where's the 'HengDais', I forgotten to take them :P

Flower boy, no?

That's Jess, Min, Von and Me
"Who's driving?"

The wefie booth!
Clockwise from top: Me, FeeLan, Min, Jess, Von

Italian Jeffro Papi~

Von & Me

Me & Jess

Min & Me

Tommy, Von, Jess & Min

Tommy, Von, Jess, Min and Stephen

I just <3 this Lego art!

A bunch of us colleagues (and ex-colleagues), too many to name them.

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