Thursday, 29 January 2015

28012015 Movie Blackhat Min & Von

We've heard of a lot of hype about the movie, Blackhat which features my favorite artist, Lee Hom, and also Chris Hemsworth. I had planned this with Von and Min, for over a week now. I realized that Quill City Mall's (QCM) GSC's system is so new that I can't book more than 2 days in advance. So, I thought that it wasn't screening at QCM. Luckily, I went directly to the counter to ask, and managed to buy us 3 tickets, in the middle of the cinema! =)

Before going to the movie we grab dinner. The girls wanted korean food, and only choice for its taste is Sopoong. I usually go for Udon & 1/2 Gimbap set, so tonight I tried something different.

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

A photo posted by Jeffro Ong (@jeffroong) on

The movie itself... wasn't half as exciting as I thought it would be, especially with all the hype going around. It is also the first movie I saw that has so much close ups! Like literally, 3/4 of the movie was faces! I know Lee Hom looks good, but I didn't expect to be seeing him so closely on screens! Tang Wei was so close, that I could see some of her hidden pimples (gotta be amazed with HD quality nowadays, hahaha). A piece of advise, if you're not into Lee Hom and close-up videography, DON'T BOTHER watching this at the cinema!

I admit that I was attracted to the movie, mainly because of Lee Hom

I tried to capture a panoramic view of the cinema we're in.
But I guess I failed here.

Min, Von & Me
Super-tired-look after the movies.

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