Sunday, 25 January 2015

25012015 Dinner at Sushi Mentai

My family decided to go to Sushi Mentai for dinner, telling me that it's pretty cheap sushi. And so we went =)

Taste wise - pretty good and fresh. My mum likes it a lot! I think the portion per piece is big! A few plates and I was already kinda full. They did my soft shell crab temaki pretty well, so I'm pretty pleased with them.

Service wise - they're quick to take order and they're friendly too. Although the staff that served me were foreign workers, they could still explain to me some of the items on the menu and I could understand them. It took a while to get some order and I guess it's because they only prepare those items upon order - which is a plus point for me. I ordered egg roll and boy was it "fresh from the pan" =)

Price wise - cheap and affordable! For the items on the conveyor belt, it was either RM1.80 or RM2.80 per plate, so there's many varieties for you to pick and they are really good. That's good news for everyone! For the items off the conveyor belt (including the seasonal menu), it's affordable and still slightly cheaper than that of Sushi King, Sushi Zanmai, etc.

The entrance to Sushi Mentai

Either RM1.80 or RM2.80

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Items from the conveyor belt

most common: Sushi Tobiko

seasonal menu: Mango Ebi Ten Maki

menu: Soft Shell Crab Temaki

menu: Dashimaki Tamago

A piece of Dashimaki Tamago

My mum's and sis' plates once done

3, Jalan 13/149l, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

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